Here is where you can find stories by me:

Kingsport Asylum

Kingsport Asylum is included in Utter Fabrication: Historical Accounts of Unusual Buildings and Structures (Mad Scientist Journal Presents Book 4).

It’s the story of a woman who revisits her past and finds more than ghosts haunting her.

The Trumperor and the Nightingale

The Trumperor and the Nightingale, part of the Alternative Truths anthology, is based on The Nightingale by Hans Christian Anderson.

Read the reviews and maybe this article from Krypton Radio. My favorite is quoted below.

…the one that affected me the most was “The Trumperor and the Nightingale” by Diana Hauer. I’m not sure I can why this story made me so sad, but I will admit that I never expected to be crying in sorrow for the Trumperor! I can say that it ended on a happy note but this story alone was worth the small purchase price.

More reviews and press:


This short story is available on Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, a subscription site for lovers of original fantasy and science fiction. See the review by Tangent! Part of it is quoted below.

…This story is as fresh as the loaves of sunshine that Fawkes bakes for his apprentice Sandra to sell. The idea that physical objects could be completely separate from the effects they produce for virtual reality is a fascinating future technology that would certainly be more interesting than the dim and grey cyberpunk future.

Going Deep

Part of the Underwater anthology. This was my first sale to an anthology!